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Distinguish bad guys good people, small people and noble people?

In the office environment, there are many times when we do not know how to look at people, distinguish good people from bad people. Without a keen eye, we would most likely mistakenly consider a small human to be a noble person and, conversely, to regard a small person as a minor. In this way, we are not only harmed by the minor but also hurt those who are kind to us.

The story below is an example.

The day Little Wang started working, his company had a stern cold manager and a deputy manager who was always smiling but extremely sinister.

Once, because the text typed by Wang Xiaowen for the manager lost a word, she was reminded by several superiors. He himself then thought, there is only one word wrong, can be corrected, where it is necessary to have so many words?

Later on at work, the emirate discovered that the manager had given the work of others to him, even some of the hard work related to actual operations not within the scope of the original assigned work had to be done. do.

The emirate felt very miserable, not committed, why could his superior entrust those heavy tasks to him? That thought made him feel dissatisfied with the manager.

Meanwhile, the deputy manager every time he met the Little King said, “Little King, you’ve worked hard, you work brilliantly.”

Hearing those words, the Little King felt cool in his heart, he felt the assistant manager understood him and appreciated him.

Up to one time, in a work category led by the deputy manager in charge of the highest, because of his wrong decision that missed the opportunity, to avoid being punished, he poured all the wrong It’s up to the Little King.

Faced with having to resign from his job, the stern and cold manager offered to keep him, hoping to give him more opportunities to study and train to improve his self-worth.

Through this incident, the United Kingdom realized that he had mistakenly looked at the wrong person before.

The strictness of the manager helps him reduce errors, training, rubbing against the job so that he can quickly grasp the skills at work, while the assistant manager with a decent appearance makes him always proud of himself without helping him study and improve his self-worth, encountering problems of not taking responsibility but also avoiding and blaming others.

So, if we want to look at the person correctly, so as not to cause confusion in distinguishing the noble and the small, what characteristics should we rely on?

3 characteristics commonly found in the behavior of small people

  1. Put your interests first. In a workplace environment, it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of conflicts, but only to think about your own interests without caring about the general department and others, this is exactly the common behavior of the minor. multiply.
  2. Normally, the relationship between the two sides is extremely good, and brothers and sisters, but once in the work need help, the little ones will just stand by and watch, even more terrifying than take advantage of The hedgehog crawled.
  3. The proverb has a saying: Near the ink is black, near the light, the light is bright. Those who bring you negative energies will hinder and hinder your progress. Those are small people.

3 characteristics commonly found in a noble’s behavior

  1. They will see your good points and understand what you are lacking. People with real minds will require relatively strict, help you constantly improve the capacity, complement the weak points.
  1. Those who are both elite and able to motivate you to study, train and energize your willpower, it is definitely the expression of a noble person.
  2. After theoretical training, awareness also requires you to apply in practice, and be responsible for the results of your practice, which is the noble in your life.

At work, at work, if you’re lucky enough to meet people with these three traits, cherish them, cherish the relationship between you and them!

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