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Are you the weak, the strong or the wise?

Are you the weak, the strong or the wise?

To reach a higher level of human life, first learn to change your perspective, to change your position. Thinking like a strong person, acting like an intellectual, thus, can quickly reach success.
Albert Einstein once said: “The weak take revenge, the strong forgive, the wise don’t care.”

People live in the world, inevitable when encountering conflicts.

There are a few weak people, always very tough enemies, a desire to avenge others, and inadvertently, gradually live like a villain.

There are a few strong people who can see the cause behind things, can truly forgive others, cultivate kindness.

And the intellectuals, they can take things lightly, just focus on themselves, smile to live with relief.

With each of the different perspectives above will produce different people, you are fortunate to read this article.

The weak revenge

Last winter, the preschool teacher arranged a homework for her cousin’s son, who was practicing basketball every day.

My cousin was afraid of being cold outside, so I let my child practice the ball in the house, thinking that it was only 8pm, maybe it won’t affect anyone.

Unexpectedly, the neighbor named H. had to work 1:00 in the morning, at this time he was going to sleep, was annoyed by his cousin’s house, very annoyed so he deliberately made noise at 12pm.

A few days later, the whole cousin’s family could not bear it anymore, so he went to find H. to negotiate, the result that neither of them gave in to anyone, the conflict became more intense.

The two houses are fighting over the corridor area of ​​the apartment building, the cousin carrying an electric motorbike to the corridor, blocking H. difficult to walk.

H. also did not fit, using a cigarette that ignited the dead flower that his cousin planted, the cousin responded by throwing things to L.’s house.

H. was very angry, had an evening before going to work, turned on the radio intentionally and turned the loudspeaker all night.

Her cousin husband could not sleep at night, the next day went to find H. talk, two words back and forth, finally touching each other.

When security ran to the drawer, both bruised on the floor bruised, people in the apartment talked loudly.

In the end, both of them had to go to the police station, so not only were they injured, but they also had to pay compensation money to each other.

The attitude of the whole cousin’s family towards the neighbor is actually a kind of “selfish stance”.

Just like the attitude of children when they are robbed of toys, whatever the reason, they will immediately regain or make a fuss until reclaiming it, this is a type of Extremely shortsighted position.

Just having problems immediately to control emotions, wandering around unjustly reporting that both sides are hurt, themselves are becoming increasingly narrow.

Such people, often the ones who fail in life.

The strong people

I used to make a huge mistake when I was an intern at a company.

When I first joined the company, my expression was not bad, the leadership was very reassuring about me, often assigning me important tasks.

Once, the company organized a conference with the partners, my boss came to the presentation stage, but at that time the boss was quite busy, did not have time to do PPT, immediately sent a draft for me to do. .

As a result, I entered the wrong company name and figures on a very important page.

The boss at that time was quite in a hurry, so he only looked once but did not detect the error.

As a result, after the meeting ended that day, a lot of people took this out to tease the elder, causing the elder to lose face.

After that, the old man called his boss to scold him for a match, saying quite unpleasant words.

When I saw the boss’s red face, I thought I was finished.

But, the boss was not angry with me, but he also smiled at me:

“This is not the fault of you, because I neglected, no need to feel pressure, it is normal for young people to make mistakes, but the next time I do a little closer inspection.”

After listening to this sentence, I felt deeply grateful and embarrassed, and since then, each

I work a lot more carefully every time I work.

Recently knowing that my boss has been promoted again, I was a bit surprised.

The position my boss has for me is the “rational stance”.

Just like a person in the face of a watch that runs out of battery, you can’t just go to work late to punish the watch. Instead, look for the cause from yourself, understand that it is not the watch that deliberately wants to run out of battery, this is the ultimate stance.

Everything also looks very calm, understanding the reason why others are so generous, generous and sincere.

Such people are the strong in life.

The wise do not care

During World War II, Mahatma Gandhi, unable to withstand the brutal destruction of British colonialists, wanted to lead Indians to stand up and chase the British out of the country.

But that atmosphere, this desire is like a dream in the daytime.

At that time, India was extremely backward, the religions were incessantly divided, so many people had to stand on the verge of starvation and want to lead these people to fight against the British colonialists, it was harder than picking stars in the sky. .

But, an armless man like Gandhi did.

He summoned a group of empty-handed people like himself to the place where the British troops were stationed and protested in silence, he told everyone, no matter how the British army beat us, let’s assume nothing had happened. out.

The British army, after seeing it, used force to suppress and took guns to hit people continuously. They not only did not fight back but did not dodge, and so on.

Falling, stood up again; one person died, one man behind him, many people moved forward, not even killing British troops.

From them radiated an incredibly powerful invisible energy.

The British were bewildered by that sight: They were really not afraid at all.

Later, when the incident spread to England, many Britons felt it was too cruel, they also began to protest.

At the same time, as the number of Gandhi’s protests grew, the British officials eventually succumbed to pressure from many sides and withdrew from India.

Einstein, after learning of the incident, could not help but exclaim:

“The descendants of the next generation will probably be hard to believe, the unexpected world really exists such a person.”

The highest realm of human treatment is not to care for injuries. Gandhi is standing on the “physical stance” to face the British.

This is the highest stance on the stance:

Do not let the outside world influence, use the purest objective eye to treat people and everything, the more unconcerned, the stronger, it is like “unconditioned” in Buddhism.

Such a person is the wise, the world changes for them.

Julian Paul Assange, an Australian programmer once said: the story is still there, it is important that the story you see is the story.

To reach a higher level of human life, first learn to change your perspective, to change your position

Thinking like a strong person, acting like an intellectual, thus, can quickly reach success.

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